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Audio Flashcards

Behind the App

The creation of the app was driven by my personal challenges of managing a demanding learning workload without enough time for effective revision. The original idea was inspired by a practice I employed during my university studies – creating a set of recorded questions and answers in my phone's voice memo app, based on learning content. These recordings were then played through as a playlist which I either listened to at work or while in transit.

However, this method had its distinct drawbacks. One major issue was the immediate transition from question to answer, leaving no room for thoughtful reflection or reinforcement of knowledge. Additionally, the fixed sequence of playback meant that the questions and answers always followed a predetermined order. Sure, it would be possible to shuffle a playlist, but standard music players do not shuffle in pairs, which would result in the disassociation of corresponding questions and answers.

In response to these challenges, I conceptualised and developed Audio Flashcards, a solution designed to address these key issues and in doing so provides much more. Audio Flashcards not only eliminates the immediate transition problem but also introduces a dynamic learning experience. Users can now pace themselves, allowing for adequate time to think, recall, and reinforce their understanding.

The app's innovative design ensures that questions and answers are not bound to a fixed sequence, offering a more flexible and personalised learning journey.

I trust that you'll find Audio Flashcards not only a practical solution to learning challenges but also an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome as I strive to continually enhance the app and cater to the diverse needs of our users. You can contact me through the app by going to Settings > Contact.

Thank you for choosing Audio Flashcards, and happy learning!