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Introducing the Future Marketplace Feature for Audio Flashcards

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Peter from Audio Flashcards
Peter from Audio Flashcards

Dear educators and users,

Based on valuable user feedback and ongoing discussions, I'm excited to share plans for an upcoming feature that aims to enhance the Audio Flashcards experience—a dedicated marketplace. This marketplace will serve as a platform not only for the listing and exchange of free audio flashcards but will also introduce an innovative affiliate program.

Through this affiliate program, educators, upon approval, will have the opportunity to list their meticulously crafted audio flashcards for sale, offering them at tiered pricing. This feature extends beyond a simple transactional model; it establishes a connection between the purchased audio flashcards and the continuous improvement efforts of educators. Any updates, additions, or changes made by the educator will be seamlessly linked to the copies purchased by users.

This dynamic system will empower educators to share their thoughtfully curated audio flashcards with students, providing both a collaborative and monetisable avenue.

However, it's crucial to note that any digital goods sold through the Apple App Store and Google Play are subject to a standard 30% fee (15% on the small business program) by the respective providers.

I am actively seeking expressions of interest and eagerly welcome suggestions and requirements from educators. Your insights will play a crucial role in shaping this marketplace to effectively meet the needs of both educators and students. Together, we will create a platform that fosters collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and a rewarding experience for all users. Please share your thoughts and ideas to contribute to the future evolution of Audio Flashcards. You can contact me through the app by going to Settings > Contact.